We are a normal GP practice, looking after public and private patients.

We are 2 doctors, myself and Dr Sinead Beirne, and a nurse (my Mrs Caitriona O’Sullivan, who is practice nurse, midwife, breastfeeding support etc). We share 3 reception staff with the other GP practice.

We provide the full range of GP services, from cradle to grave, including maternity care, cervical screening, childhood and travel vaccination, contraception, health screening, ECG, lung function testing, chronic illness care, blood tests, repeat prescriptions and so on, but we also have some specialized services that are not commonly found in most practices:

  • Minor surgery procedures, from ingrown toenails and cysts to moles and skin cancers, wart freezing etc. We take referrals from all over Dublin and carry out approx. 700 procedures annually
  • We provide ultrasound scanning, including general abdominal scanning, assessment of prostate, aorta, gallstones, uterus, and pregnancy scanning.
  • As a result, we have an extensive maternity practice, participate in shared antenatal care with the hospital, offer midwife care and provide comprehensive breastfeeding support for new parents.
  • We combine ultrasound and surgical skills to find and remove contraceptive implants that get lost in people’s arms
  • We have substantial expertise in diabetes care.

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01 666666 info@drtonyosullivan.ie

Covid 19 Information

  • We encourage everyone to get the covid app, and to check into it every day
  • We urge people to continue with social distancing, and avoid meeting up with large groups
  • Anyone with symptoms including cough, temperature and shortness of breath, but also loss of taste or smell, or general fatigue, should get in touch by phone with a view to getting a test.
  • The test will be done quickly, and meanwhile they should isolate to protect others.

Other Health Issues, Antenatal, Vaccinations:

  • People with other health problems or needing antenatal appointments or vaccinations, should call us first.
  • We will organise their visit.

We are protecting people by:

  • Minimising the number of people in the centre at any time
  • Wearing masks and PPE as needed
  • Spacing seating in the waiting areas
  • Keeping visits to a sensible minimum time

All visitors to the centre:

  • Must have an appointment – if not, call first
  • Must wear a facial covering
  • Must have ensured they have not been in contact with covid 19, travelled to any risk areas in the past 2 weeks, and do not have symptoms themselves
  • Must come alone unless they need help moving around
  • Ideally just one parent with a child for vaccinations, but of course you can bring other children if there is no alternative
  • We support fathers! Expectant mothers can bring their partner for early pregnancy scans

We are ready to see people with any medical problems, and for preventive care.

Cervical smears are currently only for those on frequent follow up after an abnormal smear, or for women turning 25 who are due their first smear.

We are NOT doing routine bloods or health screening at the moment.

Many thanks for your co-operation, aimed at protecting staff and patients alike.